Why is the Pearl Button so popular and valuable?

Why is the Pearl Button so popular and valuable?

Mother-of-pearl buttons are very popular both in the textile accessory market and in individual use. So, what makes this Pearlescent Button different?

For a long time, mother-of-pearl buttons have been one of the most sought after products in the textile and accessory industry. Let's take a look at the reasons that make this product stand out and increase the demand.

Mother-of-pearl is a material that indicates value and value on its own. Both the environmentally friendly process in its production and its stylish and rich design distinguish it from other products.

Did you know that products such as Agoya button, River Shell and Trocas button, which are made of mother-of-pearl buttons and other similar shells, are collected from farms in a way that is completely environmentally friendly and does not disturb the ecological balance?

It is no wonder that these products, which are 100% natural and do not use any chemicals, are so preferred by women.
However, it is important to prefer quality documents such as Oeko-tex Certificate when choosing.